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  1. shinichi says:

    Nature-Tripping at Pandin Lake in San Pablo, Laguna

    by Ariane Astorga

    Candid Headlines

    Pandin Lake is one of the Seven Lakes (or Pitong Lawa) of San Pablo. I have a feeling that older people already know about the 7 lakes (in a textbook kind of way) but I’m pretty sure that young people have yet to discover this picturesque place.

  2. shinichi says:

    San Pablo, Laguna


    San Pablo is a first class city in the southern portion of Laguna province, Philippines, and is one of the country’s oldest cities. By land area, it is the largest in the province of Laguna. With a population of 266,068 people in the 2015 census, it ranks sixth within the province after the cities of Calamba, Santa Rosa, Biñan, San Pedro, and Cabuyao.

    The city is more popularly known as the “City of Seven Lakes” (Tagalog: Lungsod ng Pitong Lawa), referring to the Seven Lakes of San Pablo: Lake Sampaloc (or Sampalok), Lake Palakpakin, Lake Bunot, Lakes Pandin and Yambo, Lake Muhikap, and Lake Calibato.

    San Pablo was part of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Lipa since 1910. On November 28, 1967, it became an independent diocese and became the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Pablo.

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