Wenqi Wei et al.

To test the relationship between ambient temperature and personality, we conducted two large-scale studies in two geographically large yet culturally distinct countries: China and the United States. Using data from 59 Chinese cities (N = 5,587), multilevel analyses and machine learning analyses revealed that compared with individuals who grew up in regions with less clement temperatures, individuals who grew up in regions with more clement temperatures (that is, closer to 22 °C) scored higher on personality factors related to socialization and stability (agreeableness, conscientiousness, and emotional stability) and personal growth and plasticity (extraversion and openness to experience). These relationships between temperature clemency and personality factors were replicated in a larger dataset of 12,499 ZIP-code level locations (the lowest geographical level feasible) in the United States (N = 1,660,638).

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    Regional ambient temperature is associated with human personality

    Wenqi Wei, Jackson G. Lu, Adam D. Galinsky, Han Wu, Samuel D. Gosling, Peter J. Rentfrow, Wenjie Yuan, Qi Zhang, Yongyu Guo, Ming Zhang, Wenjing Gui, Xiao-Yi Guo, Jeff Potter, Jian Wang, Bingtan Li, Xiaojie Li, Yang-Mei Han, Meizhen Lv, Xiang-Qing Guo, Yera Choe, Weipeng Lin, Kun Yu, Qiyu Bai, Zhe Shang, Ying Han & Lei Wang


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