Thomas Frey

We have put together ten key trends that are affecting the development of the next generation library:
  1. Communication systems are continually changing the way people access information;
  2. All technology ends. All technologies commonly used today will be replaced by something new;
  3. We haven’t yet reached the ultimate small particle for storage, but soon;
  4. Search technology will become increasingly more complicated;
  5. Time compression is changing the lifestyle of library patrons;
  6. Over time we will be transitioning to a verbal society;
  7. The demand for global information is growing exponentially;
  8. The Stage is being set for a new era of Global Systems;
  9. We are transitioning from a product-based economy to an experience based economy;
  10. Libraries will transition from a center of information to a center of culture.

(1844 telegraph, 1876 telephone, 1896 radio, 1935 fax, 1939 television, 1945 Computer, 1947 transistor, 1954 color television, 1961 laser, 1965 email, 1973 cell phone, 1989 World Wide Web, 1990 Search Engine, 1992 Web Browser, 1996 Google)

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