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    Michelle Jenneke Dancing Sexy as Hell at Junior World Championships in Barcelona 2012
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    Michelle Jenneke

    Perhaps no Web celeb’s star rose more quickly than Michelle Jenneke’s. The Australian hurdler’s warmup routine turned her into a viral sensation in 2012. Jenneke, who is currently studying mechatronic engineering at the University of Sydney, told Yahoo News that she was on holiday in Europe when she heard the clip had gone viral.

    “The video had about 60,000 hits at that stage and I just thought, ‘Wow that’s a lot, that could fill a stadium,'” she told Yahoo News by email. The clip now has more than 24 million views.

    She said she was surprised the clip became so popular.

    “I actually found it quite funny. … I have had been doing a similar ‘warm-up dance’ since nationals in 2009 so it wasn’t something new, which made it suddenly going viral more amusing to me.”

    Jenneke said reaction to the video has been both positive and negative.

    “I am actually quite a private person, so I am not a big fan of being a ‘celebrity.’ But on the other hand I enjoy the opportunities it has given me and I enjoy making people smile, so as long as it doesn’t encroach on my private life, I am happy to play along,” she said.

    Despite saying she’s not seeking fame, Jenneke did pose in the 2013 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. She is hoping to compete in the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow next year.


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