Andray Abrahamian

North Korea is an information hard-target, to be sure. Something about its media-resistant nature, along with several other factors, gives rise to all manner of rumors, some mundane, some bizarre, some of significance. From unicorns to missiles, these rumors often illustrate as much about how we think about the DPRK as they do about the country itself. Here are our top ten.

  1. Kim Jong Il Hit 18 holes-in-one, 38 under par or 34 under par
  2. Kim Jong Un is Dead, Twitter Killed him
  3. Kim Jong Il used an invisible cell phone to give the national football coach live advice
  4. Kim Chol Executed by Mortar Shell
  5. Kim Jong Un Rumored to Have Had Plastic Surgery, Girlfriend, Baby…
  6. The 2004 Kim Jong Il Ryongchon assassination attempt
  7. A North Korean Missile was found in Alaska
  8. North Korea’s Key to Olympic Medals: Refrigerators For Winners, Labor Camp Threat for Losers
  9. Unicorns Exist in North Korea?
  10. Kim Jong Il kidnapped a South Korean director to make his own godzilla film

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