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  1. shinichi Post author

    Returning the Sword to the Stone

    by Mark Leidner

    Morning, a more convincing dream.
    Life is long for a brief time, then brief for a long time.
    The problem with irony
    is that it is too soothing.
    It suggests a pattern to tragedy
    and therefore mitigates the terror that tragedy is random.
    Were tragedy patternless, we’d be meaningless
    and all the ironies of literature are a dam against this despair.


    I sew closed the neckholes of my sweatshirts
    then sew beltloops along their bottom hems
    and slide my legs through the sleeves
    because I wear sweatshirts like pants—
    and I cut the crotches out of all my sweatpants
    for my head to go through
    because I wear sweatpants like shirts
    with my arms through the legs
    and I’m running for President.


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