Exaluminal is an Internet of Things device that will notify you the Earth is about to be destroyed by a supernova up to one hour before it happens. By simply plugging Exaluminal into a wall outlet and connecting to the local WiFi network, Exaluminal will silently wait for the Earth’s demise. When Extraluminal recieves a signal from the Extraluminal service, it will sound an alarm warning you of Earth’s impending doom.

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    Exaluminal plugs into an existing wall outlet and connect to the Internet via your local network.

    After connecting to your network, Exaluminal connects to the Exaluminal service to recieve minute-by-minute updates of neutrino flux data. When a possible local supernova is detected, Exaluminal emits a loud audible alarm, warning you of a potential upcoming supernova.

    Exaluminal handles many messaging protocols including CoAP and MQTT. Integration with cloud services allows Exaluminal to control other home IoT devices. Yes, Exaluminal will tell your Alexa to play It’s The End Of The World As We Know It.

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