2018 PISA Score by Country

With a mean score of 1,736, China topped the list ahead of Singapore in the second spot and Estonia in the third spot. The United States only made it into 22nd place with a total average score of 1,485, just slightly above the 1,465 average scores for all OECD countries assessed.

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    PISA Scores by Country

    World Population Review


    Every three years in the worldwide education systems, OECD conducts PISA to test the critical thinking of 15-year-olds in math, science, and reading in over 65 countries that make up 90% of the world’s economies.

    Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) is a global program whereby around 600,000 15 year students from different countries are put under a two-hour test to gauge their skills and knowledge, mainly in science, reading, and mathematics. PISA test questions don’t gauge memorization of facts but demand that students draw on real-world problem-solving skills and knowledge.

    Since a high ranking on PISA corresponds to economic success, researchers have concluded that PISA is one of the indicators of whether school systems are preparing students for the 21st-century global knowledge economy.

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    中国では、保護者や企業の教育への投資意識が強く、その結果、教育レベルはとてつもなく高くなる。それに対し、アメリカでは教育に関心のある家庭の数は限られていて、教育レベルは OECD加盟国の中位という水準にとどまっている。


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