Carlos Ghosn

Carlos GhosnFor any automaker, attractive design is a necessary condition for the success of a product. It is not sufficient, but it is necessary. Why? Because the design is the first thing our customers see. If they do not like it, they won’t go any further. It is important for the design to be compelling, to make customers think at first glance, “Let me know more.” When they test our product, they then discover whether the technologies, benefits and features align with the design. The design provokes their interest, and when they test our product, they should not be disappointed, but fulfilled.
We have to remember that when customers buy cars, their decisions are often based on both rational and emotional factors. Creative, appealing design can stir a strong emotional reaction, enhance pride of ownership and foster lasting loyalty to the Nissan brand.

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    Nissan’s creative and appealing design

    by Carlos Ghosn

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    by カルロス・ゴーン



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