Stop Fossil Fuel Subsidies, Australia

Society is at a pivotal crossroads. Climate breakdown in the form of un-natural disasters is happening all across the globe. Our planet is on the brink of collapse.
Australia punches above its weight in contributing to global emissions as the third largest exporter of fossil fuels. Consecutive governments have allowed the nation’s resources to be plundered and exploited for the profit of a few.
We know democracy is broken when those elected to represent us are negligent in their duty of care to protect their citizens. The missing piece is the social and political will to make change happen.
If the Government is serious about the climate crisis there can be no more fossil fuel subsidies for the coal, gas and oil industries. No new approvals, no expansions, and rapid closure plans for all existing fossil fuel extraction.
That $11billion must be used for solutions rather than subsiding a destructive industry that makes huge profits and pays little or no taxes. There must be a commitment to invest in mitigation and adaption strategies.

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