David Thurman

In an age where the entire knowledge-base of the human race is at the tips of our fingers, there is no excuse for people to spread ideas based on their misunderstandings. We seem to be pushing the notion that everyone should have an opinion and everyone’s opinion matters. While this seems nice in theory, this concept is deeply flawed in the fact that not every opinion is backed by understanding. An informed opinion is the only opinion that has reason and comprehension behind it. As writer Harlan Ellison put it, “You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.” Instead of telling everyone their opinion matters, perhaps we should instead tell them to ask themselves whether they deserve to have an opinion on the matter.

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Harlan Ellison

Everybody has opinions: I have them, you have them. And we are all told from the moment we open our eyes, that everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. Well, that’s horsepuckey, of course. We are not entitled to our opinions; we are entitled to our informed opinions. Without research, without background, without understanding, it’s nothing. It’s just bibble-babble. It’s like a fart in a wind tunnel, folks.

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David Thurman

Throughout any given day, we encounter thousands of machines and technologies. The inner workings and principles behind these machines are hidden from view. For instance, most people do not know how a plane’s design allows it to be aerodynamic while maintaining a certain altitude. The underlying principles behind how this machine was designed are hidden away. Despite this, most people still trust that a plane will fly us from destination A to B safely. We have had the inner workings of the plane abstracted away to the point that, unless we so desire, we do not deem it necessary to understand how it really works.

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Chris Cannucciari

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Alvar Aalto

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Country Area cultivated
thousand hectares
(2,500 acres)
thousand kg/ha
(890 lb/acre)
thousand tonnes
(1,100 short tons)
China 23,458 230 539,993
India 7,256 138 100,045
United States 1,120 318 35,609
Turkey 1,090 238 25,901
Iran 767 261 19,995
Egypt 755 251 19,487
Italy 537 265 14,201
Russia 759 175 13,283
Spain 348 364 12,679
Mexico 681 184 12,515
Nigeria 1844 64 11,830
Brazil 500 225 11,233
Japan 407 264 10,746
Indonesia 1082 90 9,780
South Korea 268 364 9,757
Vietnam 818 110 8,976
Ukraine 551 162 8,911
Uzbekistan 220 342 7,529
Philippines 718 88 6,299
France 245 227 5,572
Total world 55,598 188 1,044,380
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이수정, 샘김

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Hannah Arendt

Loving life is easy when you are abroad. Where no one knows you and you hold your life in your hands all alone, you are more master of yourself than at any other time. In the opacity of foreign places all specific references to yourself are blurred. It is easy to conquer unhappiness when the general knowledge that you are unhappy is not there to disgrace you, when your unhappiness is not reflected by innumerable mirrors, focused upon you so that it strikes you again and again. It is easy, as long as you are young, to surrender to the pure force if life, which always advises submergence and forgetfulness. It is easy to forget yourself when the reason for all your unhappiness, your “infamous birth,” is not recognized, not observed, not counted.

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Adriana Cavarero

Everybody wants to be happy. This claim goes as far back as Socrates, if not further, and in the more than two thousand years since he made it, it has acquired the rare status of something like a universal truth.
Books, articles and podcasts dedicated to happiness — especially on how to be happy — abound. Explicitly addressed to individuals rather than groups, they focus on personal happiness, to be enjoyed in the private sphere. Let each and every one be happy!
The topic of what Hannah Arendt called “public happiness” is, by contrast, largely ignored by those who think and write about contemporary culture. Apparently, politics and happiness don’t go together any more. Collective happiness — as Socrates intended it, as a shared political experience — is largely out of the picture.

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Eliane Rodrigues

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John Coltrane, Johnny Hartman

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Jackie McLean

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Robert Reich

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Martin Hilbert, Priscila López

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Ugo Colombino

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  587年 丁未の変(物部氏の衰退)
  645年 乙巳の変(蘇我氏の滅亡)
  710年 平城京遷都(飛鳥時代の終わり)
  794年 平安京遷都(奈良時代の終わり)
  858年 摂政の始まり(藤原良房が摂政に)
  935年 承平天慶の乱(各地での反乱)
1017年 太政大臣(藤原道長が太政大臣に)
1098年 武士が殿上人に(源義家が昇殿)
1185年 平氏滅亡(壇ノ浦の戦い)
1274年 文永・弘安の役(蒙古襲来)
1333年 元弘の乱(鎌倉幕府滅亡)
1392年 明徳の和約(南北朝合一)
1493年 明応の政変(戦国時代の始まり)
1573年 室町幕府滅亡(織田信長が足利義昭を追放)
1641年 鎖国の完成(徳川家光の強権政治)
1716年 享保の改革(徳川吉宗が征夷大将軍に)
1786年 寛政の改革(松平定信が老中筆頭に)
1868年 戊辰戦争(江戸幕府滅亡)
1945年 太平洋戦争敗戦(大日本帝国滅亡)
xxxx年 xxxx(日本国xx)

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Cambridge University Library

Six things Darwin never said:

  • It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.
  • In the struggle for survival, the fittest win out at the expense of their rivals because they succeed in adapting themselves best to their environment.
  • In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.
  • The universe we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is, at bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil, no good, nothing but blind, pitiless indifference.
  • I was a young man with uninformed ideas. I threw out queries, suggestions, wondering all the time over everything; and to my astonishment the ideas took like wildfire. People made a religion of them.
  • The fact of evolution is the backbone of biology, and biology is thus in the peculiar position of being a science founded on an improved theory, is it then a science or faith?
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単純だけれど、そんな物語を作りたいという事が今作の動機でした。良く考えてみると、それは、僕たちの日常そのものだと思います。今まさに地方の田舎町で生活している女の子も、将来、都会に住んでいるある男の子と出会うかもしれない。その未来の物語を小野小町の和歌『思ひつつ寝ればや人の見えつらむ 夢と知りせば覚めざらましを』(訳:あの人のことを思いながら眠りについたから夢に出てきたのであろうか。夢と知っていたなら目を覚まさなかったものを)を引っ掛かりとして、アニメーションのフィールドの中で描く事が出来ると思いました。その後は、「夢の中で入れ替わる」ことを軸に「彗星」や「組紐」など様々なモチーフを交えながら作品としての構成を組み立てました。

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小野小町, 渡部泰明

思ひつつ寝ればや人の見えつらむ 夢と知りせば覚めざらましを
小野小町 古今集・恋二・五五二

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和泉式部, 藤原定家, 渡部泰明

黒髪のみだれもしらずうち臥ふせば まづかきやりし人ぞ恋しき
和泉式部 後拾遺集・恋三・七五五

かきやりしその黒髪のすぢごとに うち臥ふすほどは面影ぞ立つ
藤原定家 新古今集・恋五・一三九〇

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黒髪の乱れも知らずうち臥せばまづかきやりし人ぞ恋しき  和泉式部
かきやりしその黒髪の筋ごとにうち臥すほどは面影ぞ立つ  藤原定家

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日本のすこやかな暮らしのために いちばん身近な「食べもの」の話(PDF ファイル)

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Cafe Clair

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いつか頼んで買ってもらった、キャンディーダルファー特集のJazz Life巻末にあるライブハウス欄を参照して、無数の10円玉を握りながら公衆電話からライブハウスに電話を掛け続けました。「社長は誰ですか?私は中学生です。働かせてください。」と、随分おかしい電話だったであろうと思います。その中で、今でもライブをさせて頂いている東京の外れにあるCafe Clairというjazz喫茶が、そんな私を拾ってくれた唯一の場所でした。
実際に仕事をしようとしてしまった無鉄砲な私に両親は辟易しながらも、翌週から殆ど毎週Cafe Clairのライブにセッションで参加させて頂いておりました。

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箱根温泉供給㈱の大涌谷温泉は、昔から広く知られているように自然に湧き出てくる温泉と、 火山性蒸気と地下水をぶつけることにより出来上がる造成温泉の混合された温泉です。
今回の温泉法施行規則改正により、温泉を加水や加温した場合は保健所への届出が義務化されましたが、 大涌谷で行われる“造成温泉※”については、加水や加温といった扱いではありませんので、 当社よりの温泉を温泉成分に影響を与える項目に該当する行為が行われていない場合は、 今回の表示義務の対象からは除外されますのでお間違えないようお願いいたします。
しかしながら、百数十度の蒸気はそのままでは入浴することが不可能なため火山性蒸気の成分を水に溶け込ませることが 必要不可欠と成ります。当社の場合、自然に湧出する自然湧泉及び、 火山性蒸気と地下水を利用した造成温泉をすべて混合した時点で専門機関に分析を依頼し、 分析表を発行していただいておりますので、すべて混合したものが“大涌谷温泉”であると理解していただけると思います。

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Takuya Kimura

IoT にフォーカスした深層学習技術の研究開発を行う Preferred Networks (PFN) は 2017年8月4日、トヨタ自動車を引受先とした第三者割当増資を実施し、約105億円を調達したと発表した。トヨタ自動車はPFNとの共同研究・開発により、モビリティ分野へのAI技術の応用を進めていく狙いだ。

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こども食堂 1年で1.6倍、過去を上回るペースで増え続け、3700箇所を超える。

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Anna Burns

The day Somebody McSomebody put a gun to my breast and called me a cat and threatened to shoot me was the same day the milkman died. He had been shot by one of the state hit squads and I did not care about the shooting of this man. Others did care though, and some were those who, in the parlance, ‘knew me to see but not to speak to’ and I was being talked about because there was a rumour started by them, or more likely by first brother-in- law, that I had been having an affair with this milkman and that I was eighteen and he was forty-one. I knew his age, not because he got shot and it was given by the media, but because there had been talk before this, for months before the shooting, by these people of the rumour, that forty-one and eighteen was disgusting, that twenty-three years’ difference was disgusting, that he was married and not to be fooled by me for there were plenty of quiet, unnoticeable people who took a bit of watching. It had been my fault too, it seemed, this affair with the milkman. But I had not been having an affair with the milkman. I did not like the milkman and had been frightened and confused by his pursuing and attempting an affair with me. I did not like first brother-in-law either. In his compulsions he made things up about other people’s sexlives. About my sexlife.

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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Of the book of books most wondrous is the tender book of love.

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WealthNaviの利益はお客様の利益と連動します。銘柄を選ぶ基準は「White Paper」で公開しています。

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CB Insights

The Complete List of Unicorn Companies

Company Valuation ($B) Country Industry
Toutiao (Bytedance) $75 China Artificial intelligence
Didi Chuxing $56 China Auto & transportation
JUUL Labs $50 US Consumer & retail
WeWork $47 US Other
Airbnb $29.30 US Travel
Stripe $22.50 US Fintech
SpaceX $18.50 US Other
Epic Games $15 US Other
Grab $14 Singapore Auto & transportation
DoorDash $12.60 US Supply chain, logistics, & delivery
Bitmain Technologies $12 China Hardware
Samumed $12 US Health
Global Switch $11.08 UK Hardware
Palantir Technologies $11 US Data management & analytics
Infor $10 US Supply chain, logistics, & delivery
DJI Innovations $10 China Hardware
One97 Communications $10 India Fintech
Go-Jek $10 Indonesia Supply chain, logistics, & delivery
Coupang $9 South Korea E-commerce & direct-to-consumer
Guazi (Chehaoduo) $9 China E-commerce & direct-to-consumer

List of Unicorn Companies (Excel file)

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Fernando Pessoa

Un jour peut-être on comprendra que j’ai accompli, comme nul autre, mon devoir – de naissance dirai-je – d’interprète d’une bonne part de notre siècle ; et quand on le comprendra, on écrira qu’à mon époque j’ai été incompris. […] Et celui qui écrira tout cela péchera, à l’époque où il écrira, par incompréhension envers mon homologue de cette époque future, tout comme ceux qui m’entourent aujourd’hui. Car les hommes n’apprennent jamais qu’à l’usage de leurs ancêtres, déjà morts. Nous ne savons enseigner qu’aux morts les vraies règles de la vie…

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Philippe Escande

Au Japon, plus qu’ailleurs dans le monde, le consensus, condition de l’harmonie de la société, est une vertu cardinale. Les conflits doivent être évités, résolus avant qu’ils éclatent et surtout ne pas être dévoilés en place publique. L’important est que chaque partie garde le « tatemae », la face. L’affaire Renault-Nissan est aux antipodes de cette philosophie. Les joutes sont continuelles et se tiennent dans l’arène médiatique mondiale, au vu et au su de tous. La belle harmonie de cette alliance unique en son genre est désormais brisée en une mosaïque d’affrontements, où tout le monde à tour de rôle perd la face.

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Association L214

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Now is the time to create a new kind of digital currency built on the foundation of blockchain technology. The mission for Libra is a simple global currency and financial infrastructure that empowers billions of people. Libra is made up of three parts that will work together to create a more inclusive financial system:

  1. It is built on a secure, scalable, and reliable blockchain;
  2. It is backed by a reserve of assets designed to give it intrinsic value;
  3. It is governed by the independent Libra Association tasked with evolving the ecosystem.

The Libra currency is built on the “Libra Blockchain.” Because it is intended to address a global audience, the software that implements the Libra Blockchain is open source — designed so that anyone can build on it, and billions of people can depend on it for their financial needs. Imagine an open, interoperable ecosystem of financial services that developers and organizations will build to help people and businesses hold and transfer Libra for everyday use. With the proliferation of smartphones and wireless data, increasingly more people will be online and able to access Libra through these new services. To enable the Libra ecosystem to achieve this vision over time, the blockchain has been built from the ground up to prioritize scalability, security, efficiency in storage and throughput, and future adaptability.

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南京錠とか南京虫の南京ってなのか? 南京玉すだれや南京結びなんて言葉もある。そもそも北京でも上海でもなく、何で南京なのか? それは外国から伝わったものだから。昔の日本人は、外国から日本に伝わったものに「南京」という言葉をつけることがあった。


この意味での南京を英語にすると、「foreign(外国の)」になる。近世は「日本の場合は,安土桃山,江戸時代をさし(デジタル大辞泉)」とある。この時代の感覚で南京錠を英語にしたら、「foreign lock」になるんだろう。ウィキペディアにこんな説明がある。


ちなみに、南京虫を英語で言うとBed bugになる。むかしの日本人は、外国から来たものに「南京」を付けていた。日本が閉ざされた島国であったことが、言葉からも分かる。

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Dan Barber

  • These are the seeds of a revolution.
  • Each dot above represents a seed company from the 1990s.
  • By 2018, they were all wholly or partly owned by Monsanto, then the largest seed producer in the world.
  • Last year, Monsanto was acquired by the German conglomerate Bayer, making it the world’s biggest agrochemical and seed company.
  • Today, just four giant companies (Bayer, Corteva, ChemChina, BASF) control more than 60 percent of all the world’s seed sales.
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David Chalmers

I like to distinguish between intelligence and consciousness. Intelligence is a matter of the behavioral capacities of these systems: what they can do, what outputs they can produce given their inputs. When it comes to intelligence, the central question is, given some problems and goals, can you come up with the right means to your ends? If you can, that is the hallmark of intelligence. Consciousness is more a matter of subjective experience. You and I have intelligence, but we also have subjectivity; it feels like something on the inside when we have experiences. That subjectivity — consciousness — is what makes our lives meaningful. It’s also what gives us moral standing as human beings.

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Claude Monet

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Sally Rooney

Marianne had the sense that her real life was happening somewhere very far away, happening without her, and she didn’t know if she would ever find out where it was or become part of it.

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Courtney Maum

I took her other hand. “I knew it the fucking minute I saw you in that stupid bar with your cousin. You are . . . a morethan person, Anne. Goddammit. You are more than a best friend and a wife, you’re more than beautiful, and if I hurt you it’s maybe because I’ve always known and been ashamed of the fact that I am less than you, and always have been.

Her chin trembled. In my hands, her skin was cold. “I will do whatever it takes to prove to you that it will never happen again.”

She bit her lip hard as a tear fell down her cheek. For the first time since I’d reached for her, she squeezed my hand back. “But what do you do about the fact that it happened? What do you do about that?”

I started to cry. “What do I do?” I said, dropping her hands. “What do I do? I don’t know what to do. I did it. I can’t make you love me back.”

“But I do love you,” she cried. “But I can’t get past it! I can’t! I’m so angry and I’m so sad and I’m embarrassed and ashamed and I’m furious at you. I hate you, and at the same time I just want to go back. And I don’t know what to do either,” she said. “I just don’t.”

I looked up at the sky and the buildings and the gargoyles and the sculptures. I looked out at the pyramid and the stupid, spinning carousel in the park beyond. And beyond that, beauty. More beauty everywhere. Lights and boulevards and thoroughfares and people going places and people coming back. And it was sitting there in a place that had been a safe place for us, a place that had always been calming and right, that I realized that if I really loved her, I had to let the decision to stay with me be hers.

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The World’s Top 10 Highest-Paid Athletes in 2019:

1 Lionel Messi Soccer $127 M
2 Cristiano Ronaldo Soccer $109 M
3 Neymar Soccer $105 M
4 Canelo Alvarez Boxing $94 M
5 Roger Federer Tennis $93.4 M
6 Russell Wilson Football $89.5 M
7 Aaron Rodgers Football $89.3 M
8 LeBron James Basketball $89 M
9 Stephen Curry Basketball $79.8 M
10 Kevin Durant Basketball $65.4 M

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Jo Dunkley

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Nisha Mody

In this age of fake news, facts aren’t necessarily the answer. The news is embedded within a broad political spectrum, and acknowledging the slants from the messages we receive is more powerful than grasping for facts.
The media is biased; it is funded by advertisers and run by businessmen. Businesses have interests, the media has interests. … Conversations lose nuance and are skewed for the sake of survival.
It’s also no secret that news publications and television networks are politicized. … The news is not neutral — nothing is neutral.

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Rio Hada

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Hampshire Workspace

(What would you say is the biggest misperception people have of you?)
Some people perceive me as being whatever which isn’t true but all perceptions are valid and I realise I have to work hard to show that I’m not.


Perceptions aren’t about facts. The customer is always right, even when they’re wrong. If your customer has an unfavourable view that is not based on facts, it doesn’t matter that you can prove them wrong. What matters is to understand how they came to that view.

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Greta Thunberg

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  • 愛は与えるモノ、恋は奪うモノ
  • 愛は自己犠牲で、恋は自己満足
  • 恋は一方的であるが、愛は双方向
  • 愛には真心があり、恋には下心がある
  • 恋は見返りを求めるが、愛には見返りを求めない
  • 恋は突如生じるモノ、愛は二人で育むモノ
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Conor Neill

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Siri Leknes

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a&o buero, NHK


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Leo Damrosch

This is the story of a group of extraordinary individuals, a constellation of talent in eighteenth-century London that was known simply as the Club. Though not a large group, its members made brilliant contributions to our culture that are still celebrated today. But there was another, perhaps even more important, requirement for Club membership: you had to be good company—ready to talk, laugh, drink, eat, and argue until late into the night at the weekly meetings at the Turk’s Head Tavern. Unlike some later clubs, it had no premises of its own, but met in an ordinary London pub.
The members included Samuel Johnson, James Boswell, Edmund Burke, Edward Gibbon, and Adam Smith—arguably the greatest British critic, biographer, political philosopher, historian, and economist of all time. Others were equally famous at the time: the painter Joshua Reynolds; the playwrights Richard Brinsley Sheridan and Oliver Goldsmith; and David Garrick, the greatest actor of the century. New members could be elected only by unanimous vote.

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ニーチェは1879年にバーゼル大学教授を辞するが、それ以降、一カ所に定住することなく ─もちろん、ニーチェの健康が一か所への定住を許さなかったという事情はある ─、主として夏にはスイス、冬にはイタリアや南フランスを転々とする「漂泊者」となった。漂泊者ニーチェにとっては、風土こそが問題になる。すなわち、その土地が自分にとって「合うか合わないか」、また、その土地に滞在することでどのような思想が得られるかが問題になったのである。たとえば、「僕の本性には、このプロヴァンス沿岸地方の気候がすばらしくしっくりくる」という南フランスのプロヴァンス地方(主にニース)、「この高地の一区画以上に、僕の体質にふさわしいところはない」というスイスのシルス・マリア、1880年以降、冬には(ニースと並んで)好んで滞在し、「日なたで身を丸めて幸せそうに寝転がって … 一人きりで海とひそかに戯れていた」ジェノヴァ、最晩年の1888年になって初めて訪れたにもかかわらず、「あらゆる点で高貴な平穏が守り抜かれ」、「私の第三の居住地〔第一の居住地はシルス・マリア、第二の居住地はニース〕として整備した」と絶賛したトリノ…。このように、ニーチェはさまざまな土地を訪れ、時にはしばらくの間滞在し、いかに自分と合っているか(時として合わないか)、それぞれの印象を残している。そして、冷涼にして透徹したシルス・マリアで「襲われた」永劫回帰の思想、ジェノヴァの日なたで身を丸めたり、散歩したりしながら生み出された明るみをもつ『曙光』の思想、トリノのポー川の橋の上で夕方目の当たりにした「善悪の彼岸」などに現れているように、ニーチェの思想展開において、彼が実際に訪れ、滞在した土地の風土の問題は無視できない。『この人を見よ』において、偉大な使命を果たさなければならない者にとって「土地と風土の問題」は避けて通れないものであり、「天才は乾いた空気と澄みきった空から生み出される」と、ニーチェは強調していた。ニーチェが好んで滞在した地は、基本的にはこの「乾いた空気と澄みきった空」という条件を満たしている。逆に、ニーチェが苦々しく思っていたのは、ドイツや(教授として過ごした)バーゼルであった。

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Jules Evans

Nietzsche can’t be called a fascist or alt-righter, because he never stayed in one position long, and he rejected any political action as ‘filth’. But the alt-right can find a lot to love in him. I’m sure sometimes he is being provocative – just bants! – but words and ideas easily slip off the page and kill people.
And this champion of strength and virility was a sickly and weak man, a failure in the army, a loser in love, who claimed not to need public attention yet became more and more megalomaniac until he claimed to be a god.

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Dwight Goodyear

Love can arrive slowly like a golden leaf of autumn, suddenly like a first snow, quietly like a spring shower, boldly like a summer storm.

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Scottie Nell Hughes

And so one thing that has been interesting this entire campaign season to watch, is that people that say facts are facts—they’re not really facts. Everybody has a way—it’s kind of like looking at ratings, or looking at a glass of half-full water. Everybody has a way of interpreting them to be the truth, or not truth. There’s no such thing, unfortunately, anymore as facts.

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Friedrich Nietzsche

Against [empiricism], which halts at [observable] phenomena—‘There are only facts’—I would say, no, facts is precisely what there is not, only interpretations. We cannot establish any fact ‘in itself’: perhaps it is folly to want to do such a thing.

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なかなかコンスタントに試合に出ることが難しかった今シーズン終盤。チャンピオンズリーグWolfsburg戦の1st Leg(3/20 2-1○フル出場)を最後に、大きなゲームはほとんどスタメンで出ることは出来なくなりました。この試合で自分のパフォーマンスが悪かったとは思わないし、自分のコンディション不良を感じたことはありませんでした。どの試合もスタメンではないものの、途中出場し、出場機会はありました。

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Satellite data enables efficient mapping and monitoring of the Earth’s resources, ecosystems, and events. The information can be used for various scientific, administrative and commercial applications. Accurate information based on satellite data helps users to understand how we humans affect our cities and environments, which in turn enables data-based decisions and actions. Access to timely satellite data gives an opportunity to take action on what is going on right now, on large and small scales.
The use of satellite data helps governments and industries to share information, to make better decisions, to act on time and to provide improved or totally new services. The original raw satellite images contain data with parameters that can be interpreted via remote sensing software. The parameters can be then combined and verified, for example with spatial data, for further analysis. When activities, issues, changes, and trends can be detected, monitored and analysed more efficiently with satellite data, the benefits for people and environment can be tremendous.
Important applications serve the interests of agriculture, forestry, urban development, insurance, energy, and security-related operators and industries, among others. The volume of applications is huge, and it is rapidly increasing thanks to new innovations.

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Ariane 5



Vega C

Ariane 6
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Synspective gathers broad and high frequency monitoring data from our own SAR satellite constellation and extracts information using machine learning technology to better enable decision-making and action by companies and governments,. The information has multiple benefits such as visualization and prediction of economic activity, monitoring of terrain and structures, and immediate understanding of disaster situations.

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Nicholas Bequelin

Beyond crushing any sign of political opposition, the Vietnamese authorities are also going after anyone who challenges corruption or wants to improve communities through human rights work and activism. The right to speak one’s mind is at risk.
The Vietnamese authorities are clearly becoming more thin-skinned by the day. It’s their own citizens who are paying the terrible price simply because of something they said or someone they met.

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Amnesty International

We have launched an open conversation around five key questions to seek ideas, challenges and solutions on how Amnesty International can catalyse lasting change for everyone’s human rights:

  1. How can Amnesty International shift narratives and attitudes?
  2. How can Amnesty International strengthen its movement and become a better partner?
  3. How should Amnesty International influence or disrupt power?
  4. How can Amnesty International become more diverse and inclusive?
  5. What should Amnesty International’s added value and unique role be?

Our aim is to make Amnesty International an even stronger force to confront the biggest challenges of our time.

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そんな思い違い   その思い違い    ちょっと思い違い
まったく思い違い  ない思い違い    もし思い違い
多分思い違い    ひどい思い違い   とんだ思い違い
もちろん思い違い  どう思い違い    決して思い違い
少し思い違い    いろいろ思い違い  こういう思い違い
本当は思い違い   ひどく思い違い   単なる思い違い
何もかも思い違い  みんな思い違い   そう思い違い

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Michael Molina

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Davida Scheffers

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Denis Diderot

Diderot’s scarlet robe was beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that he immediately noticed how out of place it seemed when surrounded by the rest of his common possessions. In his words, there was “no more coordination, no more unity, no more beauty” between his robe and the rest of his items. The philosopher soon felt the urge to buy some new things to match the beauty of his robe.
He replaced his old rug with a new one from Damascus. He decorated his home with beautiful sculptures and a better kitchen table. He bought a new mirror to place above the mantle and his “straw chair was relegated to the antechamber by a leather chair.”
These reactive purchases have become known as the Diderot Effect.
The Diderot Effect states that obtaining a new possession often creates a spiral of consumption which leads you to acquire more new things. As a result, we end up buying things that our previous selves never needed to feel happy or fulfilled.

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Vincent van Gogh

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freee (フリー)

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正極材には安全性に優れた「オリビン型リン酸鉄リチウム」を採用。大型リチウムイオン電池として、世界で初めて国際的認証機関TÜV Rheinland リンクアイコン(テュフ ラインランド)の製品安全検査に合格しました。

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Preferred Networks(PFN)

Motivation-Driven (熱意を元に): PFNの組織文化を表す上で欠かすことができないのは、メンバーのモチベーション主導である、ということです。モチベーションがある(つまり”熱中している”)ということは、真剣に成果と向き合っている、ということを意味します。プロジェクトの成果に意義を見出し、強いモチベーションがあれば、私たちはそれぞれのチームのメンバーの成果にも貢献しようとします。これはチームワークで成果を出す、ということとも同義です。このカルチャーがあるからこそ、私たちは非常にフラットで、フレキシブル、かつ高いパフォーマンスを誇る組織であり続けられるのです。
Learn or Die (死ぬ気で学べ): PFNのメンバーは全員、学ぶことに非常に貪欲です。PFNが挑戦する分野は変化の大きな分野であり、その中で私たちが最先端であり続ける為には、学ぶことが唯一の方法です。私たちは一つのアイデアや、一つの技術、一つのドメインに固執しません。たとえば、PFNのソフトウェアエンジニアは、ハードウェアで新しいチャレンジをすることを望み、ハードウェアのリサーチャーはHCIデザインに自分の分野を切り替えることにわくわくします。その結果、PFNは多様なバックグラウンドを持つメンバーによって構成される、真の学習組織になるのです。
Proud, but Humble (誇りを持って、しかし謙虚に): PFNはテクノロジーをコアとする会社です。私たちは、自分たちの成果に挑戦し続けます。そうすることで、最高の人材を魅了し、仲間を増やし続けます。同時に私たちは、何が自分たちでは実現できないか、ということについても正しい理解を持っています。世の中に知らない事象や技術があることを認識し、それだからこそ、多様な専門分野を持つメンバーのアイデアを最大限にリスペクトできるのです。
Boldly Do What No One Has Done Before (誰もしたことがないことを大胆に為せ): より良い未来を描いて、技術で世界を変える ー 新しいソフトウェアやハードウェア、新しいサービスやビジネスの変革、これまでにない市場の創出に私たちは挑戦します。「PFNにしかできないこと」をやることが、社会における私たちの使命だと考えます。

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緑の豆 新宿御苑店

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Aileen Lee

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Science Photo Library

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